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Sun 26th May 2019 7:06am
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Reply #120 posted 12/01/18 7:23am


SupaFunkyOrgangrinderSexy said:

RodeoSchro said:

How are you coming on those numbers? I really do look forward to discussing budgetary issues. I think our debt is our single biggest threat of any kind, and I'm anxious to see your analysis.

You'll never get a substantial reply lol

You might get one with "leftists" this and "socialism" that, and "Thomas Sowell said" and "Whiny SJW's".

"Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost".
-Thomas Jefferson
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Reply #121 posted 12/01/18 7:36am


13cjk13 said:

And, just because I am a citizen of this planet, this..........

Trump Administration Approves Seismic Tests That Could Harm Thousands Of Atlantic Dolphins & Whales

Source: Washington Post

By Darryl Fears, 3 hrs. ago.

The Trump administration took an important step toward future oil and natural gas drilling off the Atlantic shore, approving five requests allowing companies to conduct deafening seismic surveys that could harm tens of thousands of dolphins, whales and other marine animals, according to studies.

In an announcement Friday, the National Marine Fisheries Service, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, declared that it issued final “incidental take” authorizations permitting companies conducting the surveys to harm wildlife if its unintentional.

“NOAA Fisheries is clear in the documentation related to [incidental take authorizations] that we do not expect mortality to occur as a result of these surveys,” said a spokeswoman, Katherine Brogan. But numerous scientific studies show acoustic sound can harm or potentially kill animals.

The decision is likely to further antagonize governors in states along the Eastern Seaboard who strongly oppose the administration’s proposal to expand federal oil and gas leases to the Atlantic. The authorizations clear the way for surveys across a stretch of ocean between Delaware and Florida. -MORE...

Read more:

All coastal state governors below Maine opposed the plan. For the first time in more than half a century, Federal leases could lead to exploratory drilling. Congressional Democrats representing those states in the House and Senate called out the authorizations.

No problem. The Gulf of Mexico is already destroyed, mostly from over 27,000 "safely" capped oil wells they didn't really need in the first place, except for absolute greed. Many continually leak, the amount is always minimized. Not even counting actual spills and explosions.

The oysters are never coming back after Deepwater Horizon anyway, or fishermen, or surrounding livelihoods. The Dirty Coast is played out. Let's see what we can ruin forever next. So much to do.

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Forums > Politics & Religion > Dear anti-Trumpers could you....