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How much better is the VIP tour at PP?

Fan Gatherings 08/23/17 3:46pm

Albums you bought just for one Prince song?

Prince: Music and More 08/23/17 2:55pm

Article: Paisley Park announces battle of the bands finalists, including four Minnesota acts

Associated artists & people 08/23/17 2:41pm

The late summer - fall shows at Jazz Alley

Associated artists & people 08/23/17 2:16pm

Burning Point...

Music: Non-Prince 08/23/17 1:41pm

Brooklyn Loves Prince

Fan Gatherings 08/23/17 1:11pm

White House Prepared Paperwork To Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Politics & Religion 08/23/17 1:09pm

Post Your Prince Art

Prince: Music and More 08/23/17 1:00pm

Article - NEW MUSIC WE LOVE: Lianne La Havas Explores the Streets of “Tokyo” in Gorgeous New Video

Associated artists & people 08/23/17 12:53pm

Article - Testing a Dream: Wendy & Lisa’s Debut Album ‘Wendy and Lisa’ Turns 30

Associated artists & people 08/23/17 12:47pm


General Discussion 08/23/17 12:10pm

New Taylor Swift Album Cover...Look Familiar?

Music: Non-Prince 08/23/17 11:50am

MOVIES that NEED a DVD release

General Discussion 08/23/17 11:50am


Prince: Music and More 08/23/17 11:02am

anybody know how 'go fund me' works???

General Discussion 08/23/17 8:11am

If you were playing 'Truth or Dare' with Prince...

Prince: Music and More 08/23/17 6:48am

Who's That Lady?

General Discussion 08/23/17 6:00am

Racist name?!?

Politics & Religion 08/23/17 5:59am

NBA: Blockbuster Celtics/Cavs Trade!

General Discussion 08/23/17 5:59am

Your Favorite Funkadelic Album Cover?

Music: Non-Prince 08/23/17 5:29am

he Dr Funk Podcast #64 Podcast Guest Host Dave Hampton Re: PRN ALUMNI &..

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 08/23/17 4:36am

The Media is Creating the Problems

Politics & Religion 08/23/17 4:00am

A L L I E - Broken Telephone

Music: Non-Prince 08/23/17 1:21am

David Pakman: The myth of left wing violence.

Politics & Religion 08/22/17 5:18pm

Rick James I wanna Thank You (R&B Award show song) with other instruments to sound like a full studio funk track

Music: Non-Prince 08/22/17 2:54pm