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New "cover" of Purple Rain

Prince: Music and More 12/11/17 10:03am

Purple Takeover - Sunday, Dec. 17, NOLA

Fan Gatherings 12/11/17 9:05am

o2 exhibition - if you are near London do go, it closes in a few weeks!

Prince: Music and More 12/11/17 8:59am

12/11/17 Female accusers of Trump step forward at joint news conference -- live stream

Politics & Religion 12/11/17 7:47am

America - The Nice Video Discussion Thread

Prince: Music and More 12/11/17 7:31am

New York City Pipe Bomb Explosion in Subway Station: attempted terrorist attack; suspect in custody

Politics & Religion 12/11/17 6:53am


Prince: Music and More 12/11/17 5:43am

Prince and Manuela why didn’t they start a family?

Associated artists & people 12/11/17 1:46am

Prince and Michael Jackson started at the same time

Music: Non-Prince 12/11/17 12:54am

New Music #19

Music: Non-Prince 12/10/17 5:54pm

Lets play a game.....______ in the ________

General Discussion 12/10/17 4:34pm

Best Prince Look/Era

Prince: Music and More 12/10/17 3:46pm

SZA Sizzles on SNL!

Music: Non-Prince 12/10/17 3:41pm

Clementine Campardou (Blule) Art Book anyone got thiers yet?

Prince: Music and More 12/10/17 1:33pm

thank you eye records

Prince: Music and More 12/10/17 8:40am

A Million Days Video/Movie

Prince: Music and More 12/10/17 7:39am

the countdown is on ... new Star Wars movie - initial reactions ...

General Discussion 12/10/17 6:25am

The crackdown on left wing truth tellers shows the insecurity of our ruling elites

Politics & Religion 12/10/17 5:10am

Andy's Online Concert (16 December)

Concerts 12/10/17 3:09am


Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 12/10/17 12:24am

throwback shit:

General Discussion 12/09/17 9:26pm

Who are the new great actors in the vein of Streep, DeNiro, Foster, Pacino and the like?

General Discussion 12/09/17 7:32pm

Article - Nancy Bundt on photographing Prince on tour: 'His energy would be going out to 10,000 people'

Prince: Music and More 12/09/17 7:25pm

Batman-The Animated Series Comes to Blu-ray in 2018

General Discussion 12/09/17 5:35pm

Blast From The Past 6.0

Prince: Music and More 12/09/17 5:11pm