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The utter, indisputable, Power Fantastic greatness of Shhh.

Prince: Music and More 11/22/17 12:14pm

Paisley Park submits request to be able to sell alcohol on the premises the week of the Super Bowl

Prince: Music and More 11/22/17 11:58am

ISIS Sex Slave Nadia Murad escaped

Politics & Religion 11/22/17 11:08am

remakes WORSE than originals

Music: Non-Prince 11/22/17 10:51am

Vote for Prince in Best Male Icon of all Time!

Prince: Music and More 11/22/17 10:12am

Happy Birthday Michael

Music: Non-Prince 11/22/17 9:06am

Pittsburgh 1981 SBD has leaked

Prince: Music and More 11/22/17 8:41am


Associated artists & people 11/22/17 4:42am

Sex scene in Michael Jackson's "Who Is It" music video?

Music: Non-Prince 11/22/17 1:55am

The most annoying things people do.....

General Discussion 11/21/17 11:35pm

Jazz Alley in Seattle with a couple more shows this spring

Associated artists & people 11/21/17 3:18pm

The Country's most radical city: In Mississippi?

Politics & Religion 11/21/17 3:06pm

Is "tranny" a bad word?

Politics & Religion 11/21/17 1:32pm

SZA - The Weekend

Music: Non-Prince 11/21/17 1:05pm

Sharon and Cat's answers?? site discussion 11/21/17 12:20pm

Jehovah’s Witnesses Currently Paying $4K a Day to Hide Details of Child Sex Abuse by Leaders

Politics & Religion 11/21/17 12:18pm

Say goodbye to the internet as we know it. Trump to kill Net Neutrality.

Politics & Religion 11/21/17 10:53am

Download 8 e-books discussing Michael's music, short films, performance and albums for FREE.

Music: Non-Prince 11/21/17 9:12am

Living Colour covers Prince album

Music: Non-Prince 11/21/17 9:10am

Does anybody on the ORG celebrate FESTIVUS?

General Discussion 11/21/17 8:39am

Jusrt As Long As We're Together recording details

Prince: Music and More 11/21/17 7:37am

Flat Earther builds rocket to prove Earth is flat, and to run for governor

General Discussion 11/21/17 7:18am

A Celebration of Prince: Best moments live in Concert With Quotes

Prince: Music and More 11/21/17 7:10am

Can you believe that people can be that dumb?

General Discussion 11/21/17 6:45am

Prince songs for kids

Prince: Music and More 11/21/17 4:45am